Sunday, October 02, 2005

Other journal

Apologies to friends who have linked to my blog spot. I have turned my attention and journalling to another place. I have a journal at and my username is siedlersfan. So feel free to log on over there and read away :-) I do like this spot but all my other girlfriends are over at LJ. xo
ps - just let me know if you are going to go to live journal and want to read as I have mine set so that only my friends can read it.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Now its time for SUPER BONJELA!

Hmm thats better. Well it began about a month ago. The inevitable... the painful... the screaming... the drooling... TEETHING! Yes she has already sprouted her first two teeth - the front bottom ones. It was a Sunday evening when she screamed like she'd never before and we didn't quite know what was wrong - we had assumed the solids we started her on the previous day was giving her bad tummy pains. It wasn't until the Tuesday that she put my finger in her mouth to show me that there was something sharp in there... TEETH! I was a little shocked. This was all in the week before she turned 5 months old. Did you know that the 'average' age to start teething is 7 months. Early bird....
Well she got over the first two and has basically been grizzling over her top gums for a while now.. nothing cut yet but she's very sore. Poor darling. Mind you - wouldn't be surprised if the bottom ones are hurting her top gum as they are so darn sharp! She's like a little jaws. One day in amongst this my mother-in-law gave me a tube of Bonjela. This is a clear gel that you rub on their gums and man... HALLALEUJAH! ... how is that word spelt? but anyway.. praise God for the super inventions of Bonjela, Panadol and Braurs Natural Teething Relief.

Yes it's all about experimenting on the little guinea pigs.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

So... now I am a mum!

So, Olivia Grace was born on Tuesday, 12th October 2004. Wow what a traumatic experience her entry into the world was for both Liv and I. But hey - what is a little pain & trauma compared to the most amazing love & times that I have experienced every minute of these last 5 months.

I have this new name. It can seem so complex but then so simple too. MUMMY. Livy hasn't uttered that word of course - too soon - but I am already called by it - I call myself mummy and then daddy says it too :-)

Well adventures are to be had...